Hexagora - Ernaut de Jérusalem

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Hexagora - The world of Ernaut of Jérusalem

Hello and welcome here

You will find here some informations about my serie of mystery novels and short texts occuring during the second part of 12th c., mainly around the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea : Hexagora.

I am currently looking for a partner interested in translating my work in English. I propose to work together to increase my audience to English readers and to share the income we could get, from those paper sales and English people patronage (as it is free culture, I give the possibility for people to patronize my work).

If you are interested to work as a partner, do not hesitate to send me a note.
I am not fluent enough in English to do the work myself, but I am confident in my possibilities to work efficiently with a translator from French.

Yann Kervran